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Welcome to Shop by Collection!

I often work in themes that change with my interests + what's going on with the world around us.  As a designer, constant explorations of identity have influenced how I intake, process + form ideas, in order to make sense of everything that surrounds me. 

My website's been around since 1997 (when I was in my late 20s) and at the time, I had just moved from Japan, and I started the Kanji Jewelry + Origami lines to honor my Japanese heritage. In my 30s, I was obsessed with all things Pop Culture (my studio is littered with tons of fun figurines), in my 40s, I got obsessed with all things floral, and now that I'm a little older (*ahem*), I'm loving the clean, minimal beauty of geometric shapes. 

But age is just a number and it doesn't correlate to any specific collection here, because I do my best to try to create jewelry pieces that are timeless, everyday wear jewelry.  Jewelry is like a talisman for your soul--find something that speaks to you, or reminds you of the things you love or the people you love, but definitely, something that makes you feel FABULOUS, because you are....