Shipping & Handling FAQs

Important notice re: INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: we ONLY ship international packages if the SHIPPING and BILLING names and addresses are the same. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

How much will my S&H charge be for my order? We have an automated tiered shipping & handling system installed on our shopping cart system depending on the SUBTOTAL OF YOUR PURCHASE:
• USPS Priority Mail Service to a Residence with Delivery Confirmation (2-3 days):
Orders up to $50 = $6.95; up to $100 = $8.95.  By popular demand, currently, we are offering FREE Regular USPS Priority Mail Service on all orders over $100!

• USPS Priority Mail Service to a Business with Signature Confirmation (2-3 days):
Orders up to $50 = $8.45; up to $100 = $10.45; up to $150 = $12.45; up to $200 = $14.45; $200 & up = $16.45

• USPS Express Mail Service (*overnight to most US cities, 2nd day to Hawaii, Alaska, and non-urban areas):
Orders up to $50 = $20.95; up to $100 = $22.95; up to $150 = $24.95; up to $200 = $26.95; $200 & up = $28.95

• USPS Global Priority Mail (all other International Orders; 4-5 days)
Orders up to $50 = $20.95; up to $100 = $22.95; up to $150 = $24.95; up to $200 = $26.95; $200 & up = $28.95

Can you send a gift directly to a friend/relative for me? Sure! We’ll print your name on the packing slip (without the price, of course). AT CHECKOUT, you will be asked for the shipping and billing addresses. MAKE SURE that the OTHER PERSON'S NAME & ADDRESS is on the shipping portion, and that yours is on the billing portion. I will send the bill to you separately.

I was thinking about ordering your jewelry as holiday presents for friends and family. How can I have you send various items to different addresses? Sorry for the inconvenience, but you'll have to FILL OUT SEPARATE ORDERS FOR EACH ADDRESS. That is the only way that we can insure that the right item goes to the right address, and it is the only way that we can keep up our high standard of packaging.

How long will my order take to get to me? The delivery times listed with your mailing option is the estimated time the USPS takes to deliver your package once it leaves our studio. *Most* "in stock" items will be mailed out within 1-2 days. Customized jewelry will take longer, so if you're in a rush, please order only the "in-stock," non-customized items.

Do you pack the jewelry in boxes or bags? How is it all packaged when it’s sent to me? I individually wrap each item in chemically treated anti-tarnish tissue, and pack each jewelry item in boxes, which are oatmeal in color with my logo imprinted on the boxes. Rings are packaged in white ring boxes. All boxes are wrapped with our signature magenta ribbon. The only items that we do not package in our custom jewelry boxes are the necklace extenders, the jewelry cleaning products, and other non-jewelry items (i.e. cards).

What is the difference between USPS Priority to a Residence vs. USPS Priority to a Business and why does it cost more to send my order to a business? Both are packaged the same, will arrive at the same time, and can be tracked online, but you're paying $1.50 more for the Business address because we are sending those out with a Signature Confirmation--this means, that we are sent back the name of the person who received your package at your place of business. Why do we have this option? Because in the past, we've had issues with businesses/mailrooms "losing" our packages. With the Signature Confirmation, we can go one step beyond the USPS and track down this person for you and help you find your order!

Can I be cheap and have my package sent via USPS Priority Mail to a Residence, even though my shipping address is clearly a business? Certainly, that is your choice. However, with the USPS Priority Mail to a Residence Option, we can only offer Delivery Confirmation (the USPS lets us know that the package has been delivered), so if your package becomes "lost," then we cannot take responsibility for your package, and neither will the USPS. You can try to file a claim through the USPS, but they will use your tracking number to "prove" that they delivered your package, and that you can only file a claim for an investigation for theft.

Do you have an extra S&H charge for Hawaii & Alaska orders? No, we don't! I grew up in Hawaii and it used to make me so mad when companies charged me an extra $15 just for USPS Priority, so I don't charge extra for Hawaii & Alaska!

Do you have Express Mail for International Orders? No, sorry.

Do you have any S&H options for International Orders? I send all International Orders via the USPS Global Priority Mail with Insurance, as this is the only way to send precious metals overseas. There are a few countries to which I cannot send it via Global Priority--to check a country in question, please check out the United States Postal Service website: If Global Priority is unavailable, I will mail it via USPS Registered First Class Mail.

Do you charge sales tax? I only charge NYS sales tax to orders that are mailed within NYS--this is calculated automatically for you at checkout.