Rough Around the Edges Danger Bracelet

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0.40 LBS

Material & Technique:

  • Original prototype link, toggle, bar, and Skull pendant were handcarved by Janet, then cast in sterling silver
  • These production pieces have been cast in sterling silver in New York City
  • Each link, toggle and bar, and pendant has been hand filed, sanded, oxidized and finished by Janet in her NYC studio
  • Each open link has been individually soldered by Janet

Product Size & Details:

  • This is from our "Rough Around the Edges" series, where file marks have been purposely left to give a raw texture, which emphasizes the beauty of handmade things
  • Each link is approximately 5/8" long, 5/16" wide, with a handcrafted bar and toggle closure
  • "Danger" sterling silver solid cast sterling pendant is approximately 3/4" x 3/4" x 3/16" thick
  • Fully cut out eyes and nose, giving it a very 3D feel

Select Bracelet Size:  due to the nature of the individually handcrafted chain link, there will be an automatic cost adjustment on this piece

  • 7"
  • 7.5" (additional $20)
  • 8" (additional $40)
  • 8.5" (additional $60)

Select Metal Finish:  

  • Oxidized/Glossy
  • Oxidized/Satin