LIMITED: "Sunken Treasure Glass" Earrings

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0.10 LBS

I only have 1 pair of the Pale Yellow Circles, and 2 pairs of the Captain's Wheels.

Why is this called "Sunken Treasure Glass?"

  • A note that came attached with the glass beads when I purchased them:  "The year 1622 was a time of Kings and Queens, pirates, tresure and exploration!  The Spanish ship, Nuestra Senora de Atocha, left the dock of Havana, Cuba, on September 4, 1622 and soon after, sunk during a storm.  After more than 350 years, ane Atocha was discovered in 1985 with all of its tresure - 40 tons of silver and gold and 70 pounds of emeralds.  The shiny metallic finish on these glass beads were made from a purse silver coin from the Atocha."

Material & Technique:

  • Handcrafted Glass Beads (story above!)
  • Sterling silver chain soldered as a "Loop" around the beads
  • Sterling silver Round Hoop Earwire

Product Size & Details:

  • Glass Size:  Pale Yellow Circle: approx 1/2" wide, 1/4" thick;  Pale Pink "Captain's Wheel" glass:  approx 5/8" wide, 1/4" thick
  • Length of the earring, from tip to tip:  approx 3" long
  • Select necklace length:  14.5," 16," 18" or 20"