Personal Motto ID Bracelet

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0.40 LBS

***Please note:  this piece is made to order.  Please expect a 1-2 week delay.  If you need this order to be rushed, please email me at:  I may be able to expedite the order, depending on my workload.   

I've always been fascinated by industrial bridge design and steel constuction I-beams; this is my interpretation, cast in sterling silver.

Material & Technique:

  • Original pendant was carved in wax, then cast in sterling silver
  • These production pieces have been cast in sterling silver in New York City
  • All cast pieces are hand filed, sanded, stamped, finished, and oxidized by Janet in her NYC studio
  • Letters/numbers/symbols are stamped by hand into the metal, then oxidzied (blackened) and polished with steel wool, so the letters will not "rub off" as it is indented into the metal
  • Price includes customization
  • Thick sterling silver chain balances out the weight of the pendant; large sterling silver lobster claw clasp

Please select bracelet size and what you'd like written on the bracelet.

Please select ONE LINE (one line will automatically be CENTERED, using 3mm Letters) or TWO LINES (with 2mm Letters).

If you want TWO LINES, please select from the following options: 

  • CENTERED, readable one way only 
  • CENTERED, words in mirror image 
  • Starting on TWO ENDS, mirror image (Janet's sample) Sample bracelet (my motto!) says, starting from the ends, mirror image: "Think big..." (line one) "it's free..." (line two)

Maximum characters per line: 20 characters and/or numbers. I also have the "&" symbol. Sorry, kanji characters are not available on this item!